Redrawn CERT Logo Samples

Below are four sample logos for the CERT Web Site.

I basically had to re-draw the logo from scratch. I found the highest resolution copy of the National CERT logo I could, but frankly, it’s been scanned, copied and resized so many times it really looks bad; it’s pretty ratty around the edges, pixelated, and the gradients show some pretty ugly banding. (You can see what the best example I could find looks like by clicking here.)

So, I totally re-drew it in Illustrator and PhotoShop, keeping the main elements in the National logo, but tweaking/adding some “Monterey-specific” design elements – most notably, removing the “skyscrapers” on one version, and replacing them with the Monterey Cypress tree on one, waves on another, and another possible combo of tree and waves.

Everything is modular and on layers and is fully and easily editable, so there’s lots of room for incorporating suggestions.

Logo 1: Redrawn as per National Logo

Logo 2: Redrawn, office buildings removed, waves added

Logo 3: Redrawn, middle house & buildings removed, Cypress added

Logo 4: Redrawn, middle house & buildings removed, Cypress and waves added

Logo 5: “City of Monterey” Changed to “Monterey”